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Month: January 2024

The Importance of Adoption for Same-Sex Couples in Florida: A Legal Perspective

Adoption for Same-Sex Couples in Florida

Introduction: In past years, significant strides had been made in the realm of LGBTQ+ rights, including the legalization of same-sex marriage. In more recent years some of those rights have been at risk.  there are still legal considerations that same-sex couples should be aware of, especially in states like Florida. This blog post will shed light on why same-sex…

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Understanding the Landscape of Divorce in Boca Raton

Divorce in Boca Raton

Divorce laws in Florida can be complex, and Boca Raton is no exception. Whether it’s dealing with asset division, child custody, or alimony, the legal intricacies require an experienced hand. At Juliana Gaita, P.A., our team of skilled Boca Raton divorce lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the table. We ensure that your rights are protected and your…

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