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Steps to Divide Property in a Divorce

Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer

One aspect of every divorce case in Florida is how you will divide your property and assets. The law requires that spouses distribute their marital property equitably before a court can finalize their divorce. This is true whether you have minimal property or significant wealth. How do you do this? How do you know if your property division is…

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Estate Planning After Welcoming A Child

Boca Raton Estate Planning Attorney

Boca Raton Estate Planning Attorney Whether you currently have an estate plan in place, or not, you will want to consider the following after adding a child to your family, whether through surrogacy, adoption, or born to you. It is crucial to create or modify an estate plan after welcoming a new child into the family.   If your…

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What is Adult Adoption?

Boca Raton Adult Adoption Attorney

Most people associate adoption with adults adopting babies or children. However, did you know that in Florida, an adult can legally adopt another adult? There are different reasons why someone might want to pursue an adult adoption, including adopting someone with special needs to make sure they have proper legal guardianship and care, adopting a foster child or stepchild…

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Name Change or Gender Change in Florida

Florida name change attorney

Obtaining a name change or gender change in Florida is a relatively simply process. If you are considering a name and/or gender change, It is of the utmost importance that identifying documents of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals accurately reflect their gender identity and expression. Florida courts have the authority to grant name and gender marker changes for both…

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Reasons You Might be In Family Court

Boca Raton Florida Family Lawyer

No one wants to go to court, and family court can be particularly stressful. This is because many family-related legal issues are complicated and emotional, with a lot at stake. However, there are some positive reasons you might be in family court, as well. In either situation, you want the right Boca Raton family law attorney to make sure…

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What to Expect at your Deposition


At a deposition, a witness will be asked question under oath, about the claims made in the lawsuit, and the questions and answers will be recorded by a court reporter.    You do not win your case at a deposition.  This is the time for the other side to find out as much information from the witness as possible.  Your attorney…

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Did Your Spouse Shock You With Divorce Papers?

Boca Raton Fl. Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes, one spouse decides unilaterally to get a divorce. They might not share their wishes with the other spouse for various reasons, but whatever the situation might be, it can be emotionally devastating and jarring. The key in this situation is to keep calm and reach out to a Boca Raton divorce attorney as soon as possible. When you…

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Do You Need to Modify Your Time-Sharing Arrangement?

Boca Raton Time-Sharing Attorney

When two parents split up in Florida, they will need to have a time-sharing arrangement in place that is approved by the family court. This court order sets out the schedule for the child to live with and/or visit each parent. A time-sharing arrangement might work for several years, but there is often a time when changing circumstances might…

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Are You Waiting Until After the Holidays to Divorce?

Boca Raton Florida Divorce Attorney

With the winter holiday season right around the corner, many people are getting ready to celebrate. Others, however, might have additional stress, as they know they want to end their marriages but do not want to “ruin” the holidays. If you are waiting to file for divorce until after New Years 2022, keep in mind there are always things…

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The Real Estate Market and Your Divorce

Boca Raton Fl Divorce Attorney

Typically, in a divorce scenario one of the major assets the party’s own is real property, which is typically the marital home.  An essential part of dividing the assets is determining how to handle this property.  Currently, the real estate market, especially in South Florida, is seeing record highs and low inventory on homes, making it hard to assign…

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