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Category: Alimony

Modifying Alimony: When Can You Ask For an Increase or Decrease?


If ongoing alimony has been awarded in your divorce case or alimony petition, you may seek to modify ib after a certain amount of time.  Either former spouse can request a modification, but they will have to demonstrate to the court that there is a substantial change in circumstances since the award of the alimony payment. The change in…

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Your Ability to Pay Can Impact Alimony Orders

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Alimony is an often contentious and misunderstood aspect of divorce cases. Many people think that spouses who seek alimony are being greedy and trying to ruin their spouses financially. This should not be the case, as alimony orders in Florida should be fair for both spouses. Your ability to pay alimony should be an important factor in whether you…

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