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How are Pets treated in a Divorce in Florida?

pets in divorce

In Florida, pets are considered personal property and are subject to the same laws that govern the distribution of other marital assets in a divorce. However, some judges in Florida have used their discretion to take the pet’s best interests into account when making a decision about custody. In a divorce, the court may consider several factors when determining…

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When is it Time to Call a Divorce Lawyer?

divorce lawyer

Many people might think about ending their marriages, or they might be in the middle of a divorce case already, and they wonder when it is time to consult with a divorce attorney in their area. You might not want to jump the gun and call a lawyer too soon, but in reality, it is never the wrong time…

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Are You Waiting to File for Divorce Until After the Holidays?


Getting divorced is always stressful – no matter what time of year it happens. However, many people who know they want to end their marriage choose to wait until after the holiday season to file the case. If you are in this situation, know that you can still accomplish some important tasks during the holidays while the official divorce…

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Overview of the Divorce Process

Divorce Process

If you are facing a possible divorce, you likely want to know what to expect. While each divorce case is different, there is a general process that cases will follow. Discuss your specific situation with a Boca Raton divorce lawyer right away. Filing the Petition One spouse must file a divorce petition. Florida is a no-fault state, so the…

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Divorcing a Difficult Spouse

Divorce process

Divorce is a difficult process, even when you and your spouse are on good terms. If you have a spouse who is particularly challenging for some reason, it can make the divorce process much, much harder. This might be true if your spouse is a narcissist, has a substance abuse problem, or simply wants to sabotage your future out…

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Steps to Divide Property in a Divorce

Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer

One aspect of every divorce case in Florida is how you will divide your property and assets. The law requires that spouses distribute their marital property equitably before a court can finalize their divorce. This is true whether you have minimal property or significant wealth. How do you do this? How do you know if your property division is…

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Reasons You Might be In Family Court

Boca Raton Florida Family Lawyer

No one wants to go to court, and family court can be particularly stressful. This is because many family-related legal issues are complicated and emotional, with a lot at stake. However, there are some positive reasons you might be in family court, as well. In either situation, you want the right Boca Raton family law attorney to make sure…

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What to Expect at your Deposition


At a deposition, a witness will be asked question under oath, about the claims made in the lawsuit, and the questions and answers will be recorded by a court reporter.    You do not win your case at a deposition.  This is the time for the other side to find out as much information from the witness as possible.  Your attorney…

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Did Your Spouse Shock You With Divorce Papers?

Boca Raton Fl. Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes, one spouse decides unilaterally to get a divorce. They might not share their wishes with the other spouse for various reasons, but whatever the situation might be, it can be emotionally devastating and jarring. The key in this situation is to keep calm and reach out to a Boca Raton divorce attorney as soon as possible. When you…

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Are You Waiting Until After the Holidays to Divorce?

Boca Raton Florida Divorce Attorney

With the winter holiday season right around the corner, many people are getting ready to celebrate. Others, however, might have additional stress, as they know they want to end their marriages but do not want to “ruin” the holidays. If you are waiting to file for divorce until after New Years 2022, keep in mind there are always things…

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