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Category: Child Custody

Vacationing with Your Children with a Shared Parenting Plan

shared parenting plan

Planning for an upcoming spring break or summer vacation can be more challenging when you share parenting time with another parent. You can no longer simply pack up and take the kids whenever you want – first, you must follow the parenting time schedule. Second, if you are planning an out-of-state vacation, you must ensure that you check your…

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A New Parenting Arrangement for a New Year?

parenting arrangement

Each year, your kids get older, and their schedules and interests change. The start of a new year is a good time to examine whether your parenting time arrangement is working for everyone involved, including you, your kids, and their other parent. If it continues to work fine, that’s great! If not, discuss your options with a Boca family…

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What is in Your Parenting Plan?

parenting plan

Every parental responsibility case in Florida requires a parenting plan to be in place. This plan is similar to what other states refer to as custody agreements, and it is a detailed outline of how parents will share time and responsibilities. There are different ways that you can develop the terms of a parenting plan. One thing that is…

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Custody Changes for a New School Year

custody changes

As summer winds down and kids get ready to start the school year again, parents will be determining the schedule for sports, clubs, and other school-related activities. Music lessons, gymnastics, and other extracurriculars start up again, and kids are suddenly busy. Parents will need to review their parenting schedules and determine if any changes need to be made. If…

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Estate Planning After Welcoming A Child

Boca Raton Estate Planning Attorney

Boca Raton Estate Planning Attorney Whether you currently have an estate plan in place, or not, you will want to consider the following after adding a child to your family, whether through surrogacy, adoption, or born to you. It is crucial to create or modify an estate plan after welcoming a new child into the family.   If your…

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Do You Need to Modify Your Time-Sharing Arrangement?

Boca Raton Time-Sharing Attorney

When two parents split up in Florida, they will need to have a time-sharing arrangement in place that is approved by the family court. This court order sets out the schedule for the child to live with and/or visit each parent. A time-sharing arrangement might work for several years, but there is often a time when changing circumstances might…

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Summer Vacation and Timesharing Issues

child custody

During the school year, you and your children likely have a routine involving school, homework, sports, and other scheduled activities. However, once school lets out for the summer, many kids have an open schedule. This can cause issues to arise regarding the timesharing plan between you and your child’s other parent. There are different conflicts that might come up,…

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Child Custody for Summer Break

child custody

The spring of 2020 went differently than anyone expected. Schools were closed, and parents had to juggle homeschooling, watching their children, and work all at the same time. This was particularly hard for many parents who share custody of their children, as many questions and concerns arose regarding health risks of shared custody, as well as scheduling conflicts. Now,…

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