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Going through a divorce can be a highly stressful process, and the splitting up of property and children is difficult enough without pets making the situation all the more complicated. In the modern courts, pets are increasingly being treated as more than just property, and instead are viewed as members of the family and individuals who also have best interests.

While in the past, a pet would be treated by the courts like a piece of furniture, going to one place or another considering only ownership and value, the better home and environment for the pet is now commonly considered in many states. This is the general trend – however, this is not the case in Florida. Discuss pet ownership with a Boca Raton divorce attorney.

The Best Interests of the Pet Are Not As Important in Florida

Whether one spouse or another holds custody of a pet in the state of Florida is in line with the older rule – that pets are treated by the courts as simply property. Florida follows the rule of equitable distribution, so the value of the pet is incorporated into the divorce settlement, and ownership is provided to one spouse or the other. Courts will not issue or enforce pet custody orders in our state.

A lawyer can help you negotiate with your former spouse to determine what is in the best interests of your pet, and also any children who might be involved and have a strong relationship with the pet. While the courts might treat your pet like a piece of property in Florida, you and your divorce attorney can ensure pets receive treatment like the family members they are.

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