parenting arrangement

Each year, your kids get older, and their schedules and interests change. The start of a new year is a good time to examine whether your parenting time arrangement is working for everyone involved, including you, your kids, and their other parent. If it continues to work fine, that’s great! If not, discuss your options with a Boca family law attorney.

Altering Your Parenting Plan

Sometimes, you need to change the terms of your parenting arrangement due to a change of circumstances. This could involve school, work, or extracurricular schedules that render the current time-sharing schedule impractical or impossible. One parent might need to move farther away for a new job, or perhaps one parent is sick or has become unfit to parent the child for whatever reason.

In many cases, both parents recognize the need for changes. They can agree on the new arrangement, but they still need the court to approve it. Our law firm can draft your proposed modifications and submit them to the proper family court, which can update your official court order. It is critical that you never change your parenting terms without going through the courts, as this can cause problems later.

If you would like to change your arrangement, but the other parent disagrees, we can help you file a petition for a modification with the court. We can help prove that a substantial change in circumstances warrants the modification, and that the new arrangement is in the best interest of the child.

A Boca Family Lawyer Can Help

The law recognizes that court orders might need to be adjusted over time, and family courts regularly modify time-sharing orders. The team at Juliana Gaita, P.A. can help with your modification. Contact us for more information about our family law services today.