child custody

During the school year, you and your children likely have a routine involving school, homework, sports, and other scheduled activities. However, once school lets out for the summer, many kids have an open schedule. This can cause issues to arise regarding the timesharing plan between you and your child’s other parent.

There are different conflicts that might come up, such as:

  • Who is allowed to take the kids on vacation, and where can they go?
  • If one parent works, do they need to change the timesharing schedule since they cannot supervise the children during the day while they are off school?
  • Does the same schedule you keep during the school year still work for summer activities?

Everyone will have unique questions based on their situations. The first thing you should likely do is to refer to your timesharing agreement and parenting plan. These documents should be detailed enough to address summer vacation-related issues.

If one parent wants a temporary change in the schedule, and the other parent agrees, it is wise to put the change in writing and sign it. This way, the other parent cannot accuse you of violating the timesharing agreement at a later date.

If you need longer-term changes, and the other parent agrees, you can have a Boca Raton timesharing attorney draft a proposed timesharing modification for the court to approve. If you cannot agree to changes, you might need to file a petition with the family court, and your lawyer can present your case for or against the modification.

Discuss Your Situation with a Boca Raton Timesharing Lawyer

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