Divorce process

Divorce is a difficult process, even when you and your spouse are on good terms. If you have a spouse who is particularly challenging for some reason, it can make the divorce process much, much harder. This might be true if your spouse is a narcissist, has a substance abuse problem, or simply wants to sabotage your future out of spite.

You should always have a Boca Raton divorce lawyer handling your case, but having the right attorney is more important than ever if you have a difficult spouse. When you meet with a lawyer, be honest if you foresee challenges with your spouse during the divorce process. An experienced lawyer will have represented many clients, including those with spouses who complicate the legal process.

Some challenges you might face include:

  • Your spouse refuses to agree to reasonable terms
  • Your spouse fights for sole parenting rights without any justification
  • Your spouse will not turn over financial disclosures or tries to conceal assets
  • Your spouse might make false accusations against you to try to gain an upper hand in certain determinations
  • Your spouse might fail to respond to communications or show up at mediation or court dates

These are only some examples of how you might feel additional stress while divorcing a difficult spouse. You need an advocate who will handle communications with your spouse’s attorney, so you should not have to speak with your spouse if you do not want to regarding the divorce. Your attorney can protect your rights even if your spouse is being deceptive or manipulative during your case.

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