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Divorce is already a challenging process, even if you and your spouse are on the best possible terms given your situation. However, some divorce cases are complicated by the fact that one spouse has issues that are difficult to deal with. Having an experienced divorce attorney can make all the difference. Factors that can make a spouse be difficult in a divorce include:

  • Substance abuse
  • Narcissism or other personality disorders
  • Attempts at parental alienation
  • Mental illness
  • Hiding assets
  • Giving false information on divorce documents

These can all result in many hiccups and challenges, and it is especially important to have the right lawyer if you believe your spouse will be difficult to work with.

A few issues that can arise in this type of divorce are:

  • Unpredictability – If your spouse is mentally ill or has substance abuse problems, you might wonder if they will show up at mediation sessions or court hearings, or whether they will agree to something verbally one day and then change their minds the next.
  • Spitefulness – Many people with certain personality disorders will always blame others for their problems, including a divorce. This can lead a spouse to spitefully try to make the process as hard for you as possible.
  • Bad faith claims – Your spouse might make false claims to the court about you and your conduct to gain advantages or hurt you.
  • Concealing information – Some spouses will try to hide assets to prevent dividing them in the divorce. This can cause delays and additional resources to locate all of your assets.
  • Parental alienation – Your spouse might try to turn your children against you in order to gain the upper hand in a custody battle.

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