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The divorce process can be much faster, less costly, and less stressful if you and your spouse can agree on how to resolve various issues, including property division, parenting time, and child and spousal support. Agreeing through informal negotiations or mediation can keep your case out of court, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming litigation.

However, as much as you might want to avoid litigation, what happens when your spouse refuses to agree to one or more issues? What are your options? Your options will depend on your particular circumstances, and you want an experienced Boca Raton divorce attorney evaluating the best course of action in your case.

For example, if your spouse is not hostile and simply disagrees with a proposed resolution to a certain issue, participating in mediation might help you reach common ground. A mediator is trained to get adverse parties to discuss possible outcomes and compromise when needed to reach a mutually agreeable outcome. Trying mediation – or trying again – might bring a result you can live with and avoid litigation.

However, there are some situations in which mediation might not be successful or even appropriate. This can be true when your spouse:

  • Engaged in domestic violence
  • Is a possible threat to your children
  • Has a personality disorder or substance abuse problems that make them unreasonable or unreliable
  • Might be hiding assets or withholding information
  • Refuses to agree simply out of spite or vengefulness

In these cases, litigation might be your only option, and you want the strongest possible family law litigator representing your rights and interests.

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