no fault-divorce

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, which means you do not need to explain or provide a reason to the Court for your request for the divorce. You simply need to want the divorce and to state that your marriage is irretrievably broken and there’s no change that either of you can repair it. If you meet the residency requirements you can obtain a divorce in Florida. The Court does not get involved in who or what was the reason for the breakdown in the marriage, and this does not play into the dissolution of the marriage, unless there was dissipation of marital assets. 

The decision to get married takes two people to agree, but the decision to divorce only takes one person.  Typically, both parties will agree that divorce is the best option for the future of the relationship, but sometimes one spouse does not want to divorce.  In Florida, a spouse cannot prevent a divorce from happening.  The Court grants the divorce, not the other spouse, so you simply do not need the permission of your spouse to divorce.  

The Court will need to address the major issues in a divorce such as the division of assets and liabilities. If there are children, you will need to address parenting issues of time share and child support as well.