Boca Raton Adult Adoption Attorney

Most people associate adoption with adults adopting babies or children. However, did you know that in Florida, an adult can legally adopt another adult? There are different reasons why someone might want to pursue an adult adoption, including adopting someone with special needs to make sure they have proper legal guardianship and care, adopting a foster child or stepchild who is over 18, but who you want to make an official part of the family, or adoption to ensure someone receives an inheritance as your child.

Whatever your reason might be for adult adoption, it is important to have a Boca Raton adoption lawyer handling the process for you.

Adult adoption is often simpler than adopting a child, as an adult has the capacity to agree to the adoption on their own. You do not need consent from biological parents to complete the adoption – they only need notice that it is happening.

The court does not require a home study or similar investigations like it would with the adoption of a child. The judge will want evidence that the adoption is in the best interests of the adoptee, and this is especially true if the adoptee has special needs. The court wants to make sure the adopting adult is not taking advantage of the adoptee in some manner. Once the court is satisfied with the arrangement, it can order a new birth certificate with the new legal parent or parents on it.

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